The path to success requires sure choices

A story of true passion

From artisanal production facility to leading ice cream manufacturer

It all started way back in 1955, when Adele and her husband, Edoardo, made a dream come true by opening a simple artisanal production facility for making ice lollies; a small business located in Calcio, a little town next to Milan.

Between the late 1960s and early 1970s, the small production facility was gradually transformed and equipped with newer and more technological systems designed to meet the growing demand for unadulterated goodness.
This period represents an important milestone, achieved above all thanks to the commitment of Franco, Mino and Luciano, the founders’ sons. They, following in their parent’s footsteps decided to focus all their resources into supplying ice creams to local small businesses, keeping the quality of their ingredients unaltered and perfect, while at the same time significantly increasing the product range.
In the 1980s, EDO became one of the true pioneers of door-to-door marketing, offering a unique and personalized service.
In 2012, the third generation of the Brevi family adopted a fresh, young and far-sighted approach to the business, identifying new strategies to successfully take on a market in need of new and exciting ideas to satisfy extremely varied tastes and stiles of consumption.

Exclusiveness and personalization

EDO operates in accordance with a winning philosophy aimed at carefully differentiating its range of products.
An innovative approach which has led to the creation of three distinct lines, created ad hoc for different sales channels:
  • The eccentric and colourful GUSTO E FANTASIA dedicated exclusively to Normal Trade
  • LE DELIZIE DI ADELE, made to capture the mass market retail sector thanks to the charm of tradition
  • a new and bigger catalogue for door-to-door marketing

Why choose EDO:

EDO is a trusted partner for those seeking quality, personalization and a reliable, targeted business relationship.
Its endless research into innovation, growth and perfection, is rewarded not only by the special quality of its ice cream, but above all by the solid, long-lasting relationship it has with its customers founded on complete trust in how the company operates.


Our strengths:
  • History and experience
  • Decades of know-how
  • Production efficiency and flexibility
  • Assortment, over 150 different products ranging from ice cream bars to tubs
  • Continuous research and innovation
  • Efficient stock management and high stock availability
  • Careful and punctual distribution
  • Attention to niche markets
  • Specialized in ice cream contract manufacturing

Tradition and modernity

The spirit behind the whole production of EDO brand is tied to the ice cream culture which lives in the heart of the Brevi family. True to a heart-felt tradition, the company draws on the past, enriching it with all the available opportunities provided by modern technologies.
Adele and Edoardo’s production facility was only the start of an adventure which, thanks to the goodness of the ingredients and the unfaltering devotion to their work, has led to the modern company organization which is EDO today: an articulated and innovative manufacturing business which every single day exalts the ancient art of ice cream making passed down from one generation to the next to create ice creams which are real works of art of Italian taste.
Boosted by the quality standards represented by the entirely Made-in-Italy production, today EDO is ready to take on new challenges and is looking towards marketing its ice cream cream worldwide.