EDO is a trusted partner for private labels, specialized in ice cream contract manufacturing

EDO combined the knowledge developed through the B2C experience with the expertise in acting as sub-supplier for some of the most innovative ice cream industry players, being appreciated for flexibility and small production lots.

The range includes more than 150 SKUs and 30 formats in a variety of package styles, sizes and brands. The production includes premium, super-premium, light, low-fat and specialty ice creams, together with sorbet and frozen yogurts, with a number of inclusions, ripples or even coatings, ranging from indulgent to healthier ice creams. Our R&D Department is familiar with every contemporary market trend: from gluten-free to non-dairy ice creams, from organic to vegan ice creams and high-in-fruit and pops.

The Company is specialized in providing contract manufacturing to:

  • retailers
  • ice cream producers looking for specific products (ice cream bars)
  • food producers wanting to add ice cream to the product range
EDO is a full service supplier, covering all the processes, from product development and package design to production, quality assessment and shipping.

EDO can approach private labels in three ways:
  • putting at disposal its existing product range and customizing the packaging
  • adapting an existing recipe to specific needs, in terms of ingredients, processes, packs and sizes
  • developing new products together with the client

Private label
EDO is a trusted partner for private labels, because it relies on an established network of experts, built in more than 60 years, complying with the strictest regulations for food safety and IFS Food Standard (version 6 April 2014) and ICEA Standard (organic certification).